1. Give yourself up to Clotho
  2. that's cool
  3. cows know nothing about me
  4. he's asking the horse
  5. everything looks like a nail
  6. The elegance and relative simplicity of a cowboy
  7. What else could it be
  8. a reassurance that makes one nervous
  9. mona lisa
  10. and I am one of them
  11. a normal cowboy conversation
  12. who's that in the mirror
  13. and you should be too
  14. haven't heard a new song in over 5 years
  15. horse tinted glasses
  16. some days the cow herds you
  17. I asked people what they wanted then did that
  18. awareness of tongue
  19. unless you really mean it
  20. Clever Hans, a professional role model
  21. are you a poet or a scientist, or a cowboy
  22. hope you wrote it down
  23. One powerful flowchart
  24. the second thing is about dehydration
  25. some things can only be said with a horse
  26. What a Huge Relief
  27. much like Steve Jobs
  28. I ride one through the desert
  29. My horse never says anything
  30. cowboy music
  31. ride into the desert
  32. the h in html is for horse
  33. this happened also to my cowboy heart
  34. best to just get on with it
  35. how could they not
  36. the horse remains a conditio sine qua non
  37. what is it this time
  38. Somebody learnt themselves a new cowboy phrase
  39. inspiration rides into town and finds you working
  40. my horse and I will be galloping for mayor
  41. arm yourself partner
  42. what am I to think?
  43. thinking about cows
  44. a single cow thought
  45. If my problems seem small it's because they're far away
  46. postboy cowman
  47. if it's not worth hollering it's not worth hearing
  48. the pantry's bereft of pleasantries
  49. you never know
  50. Call the press!
  51. cowboy stocks took a turn for the worse
  52. implementing a Horse Judicial System
  53. what remains?
  54. everyone does this
  55. A horse is 4 hooves
  56. Comparison is the thief of joy
  57. That could happen
  58. healthy horse / life balance
  59. and they're mine
  60. But thanks for checking in
  61. Think about it
  62. The horse of subsistence charges ever forward
  63. bliss
  64. a weary home on the range
  65. start a blog or something
  66. All cowboys tell the truth
  67. someday next week
  68. For tax purposes
  69. That oughta help
  70. sleep for dessert
  71. could be the horse
  72. first panel is a whisper
  73. Not with that attitude
  74. It's a good guess
  75. Everyday I say this in front of the mirror
  76. two truths exist simultaneously
  77. Things are going extremely well
  78. with one joke
  79. Ask cowboy questions, get cowboy answers
  80. with his mind
  81. This cowboy is an extension of his fancy boots
  82. It just happened
  83. clip clop across the sky
  84. Resolutions: Make em and break em
  85. strings pulled by big horse
  86. If this then that
  87. You can go your whole life and not know
  88. I bet he's handsome and cool though
  89. Like an quiet internal yee haw
  90. Didn't get his article into The High Horse
  91. I wonder what my horse thinks
  92. Now you know
  93. Not my horse though
  94. Awoken from uneasy dreams
  95. a howdy to those who holler
  96. But never enough for my horse
  97. Don't let that stop you though
  98. there is a cowboy yet to come
  99. 100 boots to midnight
  100. One of a team of four
  101. TS Eliot - The Cow Boys
  102. A hero's death
  103. I'll do it for a laugh
  104. the horse knows the rules
  105. This happened in the olympics
  106. big words for a ball
  107. I lay down the law
  108. Universal cowboy donor
  109. I don't know how I caught it
  110. Doctor I can't, this horse is my son
  111. never ever do this
  112. measured by the bootful
  113. That's why you should hire me
  114. The Minotaur speaks to Minos
  115. I could eat a cowboy
  116. Too loud to hear
  117. It's lost all meaning
  118. Frames of reference
  119. Bad idea
  120. the word is happy
  121. No more lies
  122. The rest is homework
  123. Is it with an H
  124. A horse for all things
  125. Metaphors are such a good way to express yourself
  126. It's my thing
  127. Always nervous after a trim
  128. Just sounds
  129. The horse knows what the cowboy does not
  130. That's just the way I am
  131. I am the horse
  132. In a deep voice
  133. not my fault
  134. The fast and the frightened
  135. It's me, Jorge
  136. More important to ask than to answer
  137. a little cowboy told me
  138. toot toot
  139. Cerrando Ciclos
  140. Nobody tells you
  141. If x then y
  142. Completely abolished
  143. I thought of a better one
  144. No idea
  145. Faith starts in the desert